Waterford GAA: Annual audit

Objective: Complete the Waterford GAA County Board’s annual audit within a narrow timeframe. Report to the County Board and various sub-committees to present audit findings. Attend and present the audit report at the annual convention.

Outcome: Fitzgerald Power works with the County Board to deliver a robust year-end audit service that gives their committees, membership and Central Council comfort regarding the accuracy of the County Board’s financial statements.

Waterford GAA

Fitzgerald Power have provided audit and accountancy services to the Waterford County Board for more than 20 years.

Their team is approachable, efficient, accurate and reliable. To facilitate the release of the yearly report to clubs in advance of our Annual Convention, we require our audit turned around in a relatively short timeframe. Fitzgerald Power work tirelessly and diligently to help us meet our deadlines but manage to do so while still providing a thorough and complete audit service.

The complexities and nuances of our funding and expenditure model require expert advice and we are delighted to partner with Fitzgerald Power. We would recommend their audit team without hesitation.

Pat Flynn
County Board Secretary

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